Photos of the Week (Jan. 8, 2016)

It was a short week for photography outings as I only had one day this week to shoot anything. I had received my new long range lens for my Sony Alpha 3000 camera and I was so eager to test it out. Here are some long range shots I had took with the new lens


While looking to test my long range lens on some wild life (mostly birds), I was just in the backyard section of the apartment building in Lawrenceville, NJ. I noticed this single pine cone hanging on a tree so I pointed the camera up and zoomed in easily with the lens and framed the lone pine cone to the left while the leafless winter trees out of focus in the background.


In the same backyard, I was still looking for birds when suddenly a large army flock of geese flew by. I was so overwhelm by the number of geese that I started taking continuous shots until I was lucky enough to get at least one shot of Geese. Thanks to the long range lens, I was able to great amazing detail of these geese in flight and being able to see those feathers flutter in the wind. 

Mike Piazza Bobblehead

I didn’t take this photo this week, but instead took it in 2014 from my “Up Close and Personal” album. I decided to feature it on my social media sites for Throwback Thursday and National Bobble Head Day. New York Mets catcher Mike Piazza was inducted this week into the Baseball Hall of Fame and decided to pull this out from my photo achieves as a tribute. At the time of this shot, I pose the Piazza bobbled head in front of the box it was in. The bobble head and box had the same Piazza swinging pose which is why I went with an extreme close up shot.     




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