Photos of the Week (Jan. 15, 2016)

This was an experimental week for some of my photography outings. I tested out my long range lens again, this time in an open space wooded area. I also received a new flash bulb for my camera, making indoor and night shots a lot easier.

Pink Sunset Trees

Located in Lawrenceville, New Jersey, Drexel Woods is a wonderful place for great nature shots especially open space ones. With the open space, it was perfect to capture some fantastic sunset photos. For this sunset shot, I used my long range lens to zoom-in close enough to frame the pink clouds in the center with leafless trees in the way, looking like spider webs. 


With the sun almost gone in Drexel Woods, I noticed the crescent of the moon beginning to peek out from the sky. The little sunlight that was left helped create the blueness in this photo and making the crescent more visible. Using the long lens again, I purposely put the branches of some trees in the shot for aesthetic while framing the moon in the middle as the main focus of the shot. 


This shot here has been in my head for months, wondering how I would shoot it. Receiving the new flash bulb this week finally gave me the push and confidence to get this indoor shot. This is a theme photo as a try to capture the essence of what a man’s table would look like during the 1960s. I propped everything on a table with the 1969 Playboy magazine I bought years ago from a vintage store and borrowed the cigar and drink from my father. I then climbed on top of a step ladder, zoomed in with my standard lens, switched to rich black & white mode and finally used the flash bulb to get this wonderful indoor prop photo.

Tuff Pup

Experimenting with the flash bulb again, I decided to use it on my dog Jacob the Yorkie. This little guy is getting used to me taking his photo and he was able to take this photogenic shot. The flash bulb helps eliminates any darkness in a room while filling it up with light. It also helps out with definition and detail as you can see more of Jacob’s fur and pupils. This will help me with a lot of indoor shots in the future especially with terrible lit rooms. 



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