Photos of the Week: Winter Storm Jonas

Last weekend (On January 22 and 23), Winter Storm Jonas hit the Northeast with some towns and cities receiving about 30 inches of snow. I live in Central Jersey and my town of Lawrenceville ended up with 22 inches of snow.

Thanks to the storm, the place where I worked at closed for the day due to the storm. I took this opportunity and braced the storm in order to get some gorgeous snow photos. I was only outside for an hour as it was too windy to the point where I couldn’t even use the viewfinder to take any photos. Here are my top favorite photos from this windy, snowy storm afternoon photography outing.


Thanks to the snow storm, roads were closed to everyone except for a few snow plowing trucks shoveling out the snow. There was a state of emergency in New Jersey, so people were suppose to stay off the roads. This made it easier for me to take a rare middle of the road shot. Standing right in the middle of this road on Princeton Pike, I shot this wide-shot while the wind pushed some snow on my lens and creating some smudge in the middle of this photo. Despite being on the road with no cars, I still kept a good eye for snow plowing trucks to not run over me.   


I went over to Captain Paul’s Firehouse Dogs, a local eatery in Lawrenceville that’s well known for its variety menu of hot dogs. Just like the majority of stores and businesses in the area, Captain Paul’s was closed. I decided to go to this location just to see how it looked with snow around it. It looked really gorgeous as I went with a mid-shot and made sure to capture the snow branched tree on the left side of the frame. It was a pain to get here with the amount of snow I had to walk in, but I thought it was worth the trek.  


After taking a few Winter Storm Jonas photos, I decided to walk back home as the winds were starting to get very aggressive. Walking back on Princeton Pike was very tough as I was going against the wind. As I was struggling to get back home, I saw a near by stream that was completed frozen. It was beautiful to see, but a pain to get close to since it was near a small bridge that had a feet of snow to climb over. I stood just behind the rail of the bridge so I wouldn’t slip and fall into the icy body of water. I zoomed in, but made sure I framed the frozen stream in the bottom and not have it cut off; I really wanted to capture it. The snowy trees surrounding it captivates a gorgeous winter scenery.


Before I had arrive at Captain Paul’s, I noticed the “Speed Limit” sign by a road as it caught my attention. I wanted to keep moving to Captain Paul’s since the wind was blowing way too hard, but I told myself I would return here later to get this shot. When I was walking back, I almost gave up not getting this shot because of the wind, but I pushed myself to take it and I’m glad I did. This road was completely empty and I just love how the “Speed Limit” sign was buried from the snow and tree over it. I set up a wide-shot to get most of the empty road and framed the speed sign to the right. This shot feels like an empty civilization during a snow storm with no cars whatsoever on the road.


Before I went home to stay warm, I went to the backyard area of the apartment complex I live in and it was just complete white over with snow. It just looked completed different since the hill area was completed filled. It was also getting really cloudy and the wind was picking up as it was difficult to look into the viewfinder. I increased the exposure compensation and went with a wide shot to get the entire backyard filled with snow and the trees in the background. Afterword, I went back home to stay warm and enjoyed the rest of my snow day.

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