Photos of the Week: (Feb. 5, 2015)

This week, I posted some of my photos from yet another trip to the Loveless Nature Preserve in Lawrenceville, New Jersey. The reason I came back to the preserve was so that I can get some snow photos of the place from the after math of Winter Storm Jonas. I went there as soon as I could before all the snow melted away from the sudden moderate change of temperature. It was a bit tough to walk in the deep snow, but I managed to get through and get some amazing photos.


Before I went into the Loveless Nature Preserve, I passed by this park called Central Park (not to be confused with the one in New York). The open skies had caught my attention as it contrasted well with the snow on the ground. I decided to play around with my settings and switched my white balance to incandescent. Normally, I use incandescent for only indoor shots, but I liked how it looked. It made everything blue which caused the perfect winter atmosphere.



By the main entrance (or exit), I had spotted a deer standing in the middle of the trail and it was just staring right at me (photo above). I was shocked and excited as I was looking for wildlife in this now. I had taken deer photos in my previous trip to the Loveless Nature Preserve, but they were hard to get a visible shot of them since they were behind some branches. This time, a deer was out in the open! I switched to my long range lens to get a better shot of the deer with out startling it. I walked a few steps and then zoomed in very closely. I captured it right when the deer stared and pose for me unintentionally. Not to be out done, right after the first deer left into the woods, another deer popped out. I was able to capture it run into the woods in motion before it disappeared (Photo Below).


While in the Loveless Nature Preserve, I observed some of the high trees and I yet again loved how the clouds in the sky looked. Using the long lens again, I didn’t even have to zoom in to get this shot. I also liked how the tree branches blended with the sky; the branches looked like spider-webs trapped in the sky. I had to point my camera up while tilting my neck up while using the viewfinder the get this framing.

LNP52 (No Bars)

It has been a while since I’ve shot a panoramic photo as I hadn’t found a great spot to do so. Even the number of times I’ve been in the Loveless Nature Preserve, I still didn’t see a good place to shoot a panoramic photo. It wasn’t until the snow that I finally saw a great panoramic shot opportunity in the open field spot of the preserve. I wanted to capture everything from the trees, the open skies and the snow on the ground. I panned from the right to the left to capture everything I wanted.


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