A Short Photography Tour of Princeton (NJ)

A few weeks back,  I made a trip to Princeton as I was very eager to take new photos of another town. I felt like that I have had taken too many photos of the same thing in my neighborhood and I needed to take new photos of another town in Mercer County. Last year, I met up with an old college friend who grew up in Mercer County and showed me around the area. We ended up in Princeton and I was impressed of how gorgeous the town looked especially during the fall.

In mid-April, I was itching to go to Princeton now that spring was in full swing and I was anxious to get gorgeous new photos. When I finally had a day off from work, I decided to head up to Princeton on a flawless, gorgeous and sunny spring day!


A wide shot of the Nassau Hall building, the oldest building on the Princeton University Campus on Nassau Street. Copyright 2016 Angel Ortiz Jr. Photography

When I arrived, I didn’t take photos right away but instead looked around and shopped at a few of the many local businesses. When I was ready to take photos, I decided to go to the Princeton University campus as this building (photo above) had caught my attention especially with the presentation of the gates.

This building as I found out later on is called Nassau Hall which is the oldest building on campus built in 1756. Nassau Hall was once the first seat of the New Jersey Legislature in 1776, was involved in the battle of Princeton and was the seat of the Congress of the Confederation in 1783. It is now the campus’s administrative building that includes the university president office.

I didn’t know much about the amazing history behind this building until weeks later when I researched it! I just had figured it was the main building on campus and nothing much, but figured as much it was important. For the shot itself, I went with a simple wide shot, capturing the entire building as well as the trees blocking most of the view of the building. I made sure to include the students walking along the sidewalk in front of Nassau Hall to ensure the college campus atmosphere instead of an empty place.


A tiger statue bathing in the sunlight in the Palmer Square district in Princeton. Copyright 2016 Angel Ortiz Jr. Photography

In the Palmer Square section, there’s a tiger statue waiting to greet you (Photo Above). I liked how the statue looked and liked the background of the tree branches even more. So, I zoomed in close and positioned the Palmer Square tiger statue to the left while getting the tree branches in the back drop for a wonderful image. I tried all different angles, but this one just worked out better as it made the tiger statue stand out much easier.


A head statue of Albert Einstein located in the monument section on Nassau Street. Copyright 2016 Angel Ortiz Jr. Photography

I traveled over to the monument section near Nassau street to take a look of the statues and monuments that showcase some the important events and historical figures in Princeton. Among them was Albert Einstein who actually had an office on the Princeton University campus (Photo Above).

I really like how this head statue looked and just like with the Palmer Square tiger statue, I framed it to the left and included a near by white house as the backdrop. I decreased the exposure compensation so I could get a clearer shot of the Einstein statue.


The Princeton Battle Monument standing ever gracefully in a gorgeous spring setting. Copyright 2016 Angel Ortiz Jr. Photography

The one monument that stands out in the area is the Princeton Battle Monument that commemorates the 1777 Battle of Princeton during the American Revolution. The monument depicts George Washington as he leads his troops into battle.

I took several photos of the Battle Monument, some very up close shots. My favorite one, however, is this wide shot of the monument with a walk way in front of it (Photo Above). Thanks to the spring season bringing growth to some of the leaves on these trees, it created a wonderful symmetrical style to this shot. It makes the main focus (the Battle Monument) stand out even more in this photo.


Here is one of the many beautiful colonial style structures that can be spotted in Princeton. Copyright 2016 Angel Ortiz Jr. Photography

One of the things that I love about Princeton is some of its colonial structure buildings so like the (photo above). It felt like I was either in Philadelphia or Boston. Princeton, like those two cities I mentioned, played a major role during the American Revolution.

This colonial structure in particular is on Nassau Street and as I was walking towards it, the shadows casting on it looked fantastic. I went with a wide shot and made sure to frame the colonial building to the left while leaving the trees on the right of the frame to compliment the atmosphere. I actually tilted my camera up to avoid getting any cars in the frame to make it look like an image from the past as possible, although there are a few street light poles in the far background.


A clock tower on top of Nassau Hall on the Princeton University Campus. Copyright 2016 Angel Ortiz Jr. Photography

Near the end of my Princeton photography outing, I went back to the Princeton University campus to take more photos. I went closer to Nassau Hall and looked up at it to notice a clock tower on top of it (Photo Above). It’s one of those things that I love to take photos of!

After taking numerous photos of the tower in different angles, I settled to showcase this zoom in close up one with the trees branches blocking it. Thankfully, the leaves didn’t grow fully to block the clock tower entirely. The time in which this photo was taken was 5 P.M.


Two Tiger Statues greeting anyone that enters Nassau Hall. Copyright 2016 Angel Ortiz Jr. Photography

To end the day of taking wonderful photos in Princeton, I took a simple two shot of the tiger statues sitting by the entrance of Nassau Hall looking ever so majestically (photo above). These bronze tiger statues looked almost similar to the Palmer Square tiger statue but are in a different pose.

I framed the one tiger state in the back to show its body entirely while getting a closer shot of the second one to show how well detail it looks. This was great shot to take to end the outing.

Once I was done, I went back into town and did some shopping at some cool local businesses and it was money well spent. It felt like I was back in my hometown of Jersey City as I was conveniently walking down store to store and browsed around.

I had only took most of my Princeton photos on Nassau street as I wanted to get comfortable with the town. I am looking forward to returning back to Princeton soon to explore more of the town and take more photos. I also plan on taking more photos of the Princeton University campus which takes up a large portion of the town and it has amazing structures. It’s a good chance that I might return to Princeton in the summer.

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