Free Comic Book Day and Funko Pop! Nathan Drake: Photos of the Week (05/15/2016)

This past week I went back to my hometown of Jersey City to visit FJB Comics and Games for Free Comic Book Day. It was great to get free comics and meet up with old friends I haven’t had seen in quite sometime. I ended up taking photos of the event just like all the other times I had went to FJB for Free Comic Book Day.

A few days before Free Comic Book Day, I took some micro photos for the first time in a while in the backyard behind the apartment building I live in. Since Uncharted 4 was about to come out I decided to take photos of my Nathan Drake Funko Pop! vinyl figure and took photos of it by plants and grass to make it look like the figure was in a jungle.

Here are the best photos I took of for Free Comic Book Day and Micro Nathan Drake photos.


There was a great crowd in front of FJB Comics when I arrived for Free Comic Book Day. I went with a wide shot to get everyone in frame, hanging out with their Free Comic Book day bags. There’s also some vendor tables from local Jersey City artists and people on the top right browsing through comic books on sale. Copyright 2016 Angel Ortiz Jr. Photography


Local Jersey City fire fighter and artist, Eli Ramos, was present at FJB Comics to sell his art work. I captured him putting up one of his works on display. It’s Batman knocking out Superman Mohammad Ali style.


Here’s a closer look of the artist tables and more people looking through the discounted comic books. I made sure to also capture the art work on the walls from FJB Comics. 2016 Copyright Angel Ortiz Jr.


I took a few photos inside FJB Comics despite it being difficult to do so since it was packed with so many people inside. This is the best one I took, using the flash bulb to get a better shot and capture everyone inside including FJB owner Floyd Bennett on the left. I also wanted to get all the comic books and action figures on the wall. Copyright 2016 Angel Ortiz Jr. Photography


When I started taking photos of mini-Nathan Drake, I wanted to start off with a simple shot by placing the figure on some dirt and a plant. Once I placed mini-Drake in the position I wanted, I zoomed in extremely close and framed it just right. The cloudy day also created the perfect mood and dull, dark color just like the box art of Uncharted 4. Copyright 2016 Angel Ortiz Jr. Photography.


While looking though the backyard where all the plants were, I found this little branch the resembled more like a log. I used the mini log as a prop and placed it near Drake to make it look like a scene from the game. I turned the head of the Drake figure to the right and shot it in this angle to give Drake a puzzled look. Copyright 2016 Angel Ortiz Jr. Photography


I changed it up a bit and went with an above head shot of Drake with his back pose instead while making it look like he is looking for the next path way into the jungle or being cautious about his next move. Copyright 2016 Angel Ortiz Jr. Photography


I used yet another prop to place with my Drake figure, this time placing a few flower pots next to the figure and turning its head to the left to create a more puzzled look of discovery. Copyright 2016 Angel Ortiz Jr. Photography

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