Trenton has that Thunder Power! The Best of Trenton Thunder Photos (So Far)

Last year, I had my first ever minor league baseball experience by attending a few Trenton Thunder games at Arm & Hammer Park. This year I was hired as the gameday photographer for the Trenton Thunder! Aside from taking photos of the actual game, I have also taken photos of pre-game festivities, mascots having fun and some of the fans.

It has been a treat and a thrill working at the ballpark as a photographer so far since the beginning of April! Working as a photographer around the sport I love and enjoy has been fantastic. The following photos featured here are some of my favorites I’ve taken so far while working the games in April and May.


Thunder batdog, Derby, smiles for my camera as he is set to grab a bat from a Thunder player after their plate appearance.


Derby gets right into action by grabbing the top of the bat as he prepares to bring it back to the Thunder dugout. Derby is only around in the bottom of the first inning to perform his batdog duties


Thunder players lineup along the first base line for the National Anthem during Opening Night and the first game of the 2016 season! It was my first experience ever at a home and season opener at any ballpark and it was great working it! For this shot, I made sure to get a good number of players in the frame and of course the the American flag pole on the right and the one displayed on the screen.


Trenton Thunder mascot, Boomer, has a moment with a fan as I shot this photo perfectly with the ballpark’s lights during a night game.


One of the Trenton Thunder starting pitchers on the mound as he gets set to throw his next pitch. Having the long range lens really helps me out on getting shots of the game from the stands.


During one of the many pre-game ceremonies I’ve covered, a large crowd of little leaguers greeted the Trenton Thunder first baseman right before the National Anthem. I was able to time this shot perfectly with the display of the American flag on screen and the kids high-fiving the player’s hand.


Thunder players participate in some warm-ups during pre-game before getting ready for another game.


Thunder starting pitcher, Ronald Herrera, throws down a mean pitch on the mound. With the use of the continuous shot, I was able to capture Herrera in this motion.


With a gorgeous day at the ballpark, I decided to get a wide shot of the entire field. I waited for the pitcher to throw his pitch so I could get a nice action motion in the shot.


A Thunder player connects perfectly with a hit as he prepares to leave the batter’s box and run the bases.


The Thunder first baseman gets ready to field the ball, waiting for it to go his way! I took this shot from the Thunder dugout.


After a come from behind walk-off victory, the Thunder players decided to cool off and celebrate with a bucket of Powerade during the post-game interview

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