Short Photography Tour: The Delaware and Raritan (D & R) Canal Trail

Last summer (in 2015) I had discovered a trail known as The Delaware and Raritan (D & R) Canal Trail  while taking photos of my new town of Lawrenceville. I had only briefly walked a few feet of the trail and took a few photos before heading back home. I promised myself that summer that I would return to the trail and discover more of it.

That didn’t happen at all as I ended up side track with other photography projects. Fast forward to this summer (in 2016), I made it a goal to return to the D&R Trail as one of my many photography destinations for this summer. In late June, I made my return to the D&R Trail and discovered more things about it than I had anticipated.


The D&R Canal Trail has some very interesting graffiti art that takes me back from when I was living in Jersey City. It’s really a perfect spot to practice your graffiti skills right under the bridge since the trail can be very secluded and empty at times. © 2016 Angel Ortiz Jr. Photography


They do not call the D&R Canal a trail for nothing! This trail goes on for a long time. I walked this one part of the trail for a good 20 minutes with the same scenery. I decided to turn back but not before getting this wide shot of the greenery of the trail. I love how the canal on the left stretches just as long as the trail in the right. © 2016 Angel Ortiz Jr. Photography


Surprisingly, I saw a few fishermen on the trail trying to capture some fish. It’s a good way to release some stress with the leisure of fishing just like I was doing while walking and taking photos on the trail. I just hope the fisherman just caught and release the fisher rather than take it home and eat it because the canal water did not look clean. With this shot, I made sure the fisherman didn’t see me as I didn’t want to disturb him. I wanted to capture him at peace with the gorgeous natural background © 2016 Angel Ortiz Jr. Photography


On the other side of the trail that wasn’t an endless road of greenery, I found even more graffiti. This time, however, the graffiti art has some type of form to it as it included a lion and a cat. There’s even some graffiti spray painted on an actual rock to the left of it. It was great seeing this art work in this setting as it feels like a combination of an urban and a natural environment. © 2016 Angel Ortiz Jr. Photography


The trail kept showing me more surprises as I stumbled upon an industrial factory. You can’t get anymore New Jersey than this. I went with a wide shot to include the trail on the left and show how close this factory is to it. © 2016 Angel Ortiz Jr. Photography


I took a few more shots of the industrial factory including this black and white one. It had been a while since I took a black and white photo as I decreased the exposition compensation to make the factory look more sinister. © 2016 Angel Ortiz Jr. Photography

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