Summer Time with the Trenton Thunder

I have written about the Trenton Thunder a few times over the past year, including one last month when I wrote about the games I covered in April and May. With my Thunder photography job continuing onto the summer, I had opportunities to take more stunning photos at Arm and Hammer Park! Here are some of my best photos of the double-A New York Yankees affiliate team in the months of June and July.


The Thunder have a pair of runners on first and second as they have another rally going. I shot this from the Thunder dugout and shooting with the long lens really helps get these “in the action” shots © 2016 Angel Ortiz Jr. Photography


Popular Bat Dog Derby is excited with his tongue out as he is preparing to grab a bat from the batter’s box and bring it back to the Thunder dugout. © 2016 Angel Ortiz Jr. Photography


Thunder Mascot, Cloudman, sits with the armed forces during Army Night at the ballpark. Cloudman is known for celebrating hometown heroes in which the Thunder honor people in the local community and the military for their services. This shot has been the most popular photo with the Thunder offices and I could see why since it’s a beautiful tight shot with everyone in the Army surrounding Cloudman as he is honored to be in their presence. © 2016 Angel Ortiz Jr. Photography


The Thunder’s first baseman casually blows a bubble before getting set defensively on the next pitch. All my close up shots from the first base side are taken from the Thunder dugout most of the time, but sometimes I shoot from the stands. © 2016 Angel Ortiz Jr. Photography


Here is one of the most majestic shots I have taken while working with the Thunder. When I walked into the Thunder dugout, I notice these three Thunder players standing up on the dugout as they were preparing to bat. Noticing how close they were frame wise to the clouds, I zoomed in for a tight shot to capture this classic baseball photo. © 2016 Angel Ortiz Jr. Photography


I love capturing action shots like this as a Thunder player slides safely into home plate to score a run. I shot this right behind home plate while sitting in the stands. In order to capture shots like this you have to focus on what is going on in the game especially where the runners are located on the bases. You never know when there’s going to be a hit in the gap with a speedy runner at first with a good chance of him getting to home plate. © 2016 Angel Ortiz Jr. Photography


On Fourth of July weekend, the Thunder decided to wear these amazing patriotic uniforms for this game. Since their Fourth of July game was on the road, the Thunder decided to wear these unis the day before on July 3rd. With the ballpark packed, I had a great opportunity to shoot this Thunder batter wearing the patriotic uniform with the crowd in the background. © 2016 Angel Ortiz Jr. Photography


Trenton Thunder long established mascot, Boomer, brings out his motorcycle for the occasion as he leads other motorcyclists around Arm and Hammer Park for Motorcycle Night. © 2016 Angel Ortiz Jr. Photography


With the opposing team batter connecting with the ball, the Thunder defense on the first base side move quickly into position as this shot captures them in motion. © 2016 Angel Ortiz Jr. Photography


With the Thunder playing their Fourth of July game on the road, they decided to have their Fourth of July post-game fireworks the day before on July 3rd and it was a sight to see. I had taken plenty of post-game firework shots from other games, but this was the best night to take them. I learned early on that to take the best firework shots at Arm and Hammer is actually going outside and in front of the park. It’s tricky to take firework shots, but with practice I learned a few techniques such as shooting continuous shots with the exposure compensation decrease near the max. The result was this amazing firework wide shot over the ballpark. © 2016 Angel Ortiz Jr. Photography

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