The Trenton Punk Rock Flea Market

The one thing that I love to do during the summer is going to flea markets, yard sales and festivals while finding bargain deals. I have been to a few places in the Mercer County area in the past year and a half living here and they have been okay. They weren’t as great as the flea markets and festivals that I was accustomed to when I was living back in Jersey City. It wasn’t until early August that I finally found a great flea market when I attended the Trenton Punk Rock Flea Market (TPRFM)

I found out about the TPRFM through Twitter when I was looking for a place to sell my photos. I found out that the flea market was around three times a year on the weekends (Saturday and Sunday) in Trenton. I was excited, but found out later that tables for the month of August were already sold out. Still, I was eager and curious to attend the August TPRFM event to see how the flea market looked like and how they operated.

When I went to the August event on a Sunday, I was not disappointed! The flea market was inside a former factory warehouse the held over 200+ vendors with food trucks outside the venue. Even though there were some vendors dedicated to Punk Rock culture, there were still a lot of vendors that catered to everyone’s interests.

As a fan of video games, comics, photography and movies I found plenty of things to buy from local and small businesses. My friend Kyle had also told me about this flea market and decided to meet him there. Kyle had been to the TPRFM a few times so he was able to show me around. While walking around inside the venue, I had my camera with me to capture the wonders of the TPRFM.


Inside the warehouse venue, the TPRFM hosted 200+ vendors inside. I took this photo to not only showcase some of the tables there, but to also capture the ARTWORKS banner and the structure of the warehouse venue © 2016 Angel Ortiz Jr. Photography


These two women wear their rainbow color squid hats to showcase their merchandise at their table. The vendors that I’ve met were absolutely friendly and helpful. © 2016 Angel Ortiz Jr. Photography


To showcase more vendor tables, the crowd and to show how large the venue was, I went with this wide shot. I always like showing people interact with each other at events like these. I also like capturing the sunlight going through the roof and into the venue. My friend Kyle is also in this shot as he is in the middle wearing the white tank top. © 2016 Angel Ortiz Jr. Photography


This vendor was selling these fantastic painted glow in the dark portraits and I took a photo of these two as my favorites. It’s Mexican sugar Skull versions of Amy Winehouse (I believe) and the Bride of Frankenstein © 2016 Angel Ortiz Jr. Photography


There were plenty of great adult humor present at some of the vendor tables at the TPRFM that embraced that punk rock attitude. This vendor table had art crafts of piranha plants from Super Mario Bros. with knitted quotes inside some frames. I don’t know why but the quote “Really Bitch?” in between two piranha is hilarious and pure art. © 2016 Angel Ortiz Jr. Photography


While taking plenty of photos inside the venue for the TPRFM, I didn’t want to forget to take exterior shots. I went outside for a quick breather to take a simple shot of the entrance. Two punk rockers were about to walk in front of my shot so I captured them perfectly in front of the TPFRM banner. I also included the Callahan’s food truck which had huge, but great tasting hot dogs. © 2016 Angel Ortiz Jr. Photography


As I mentioned before, there were plenty of food trucks outside of the venue. I only tried the Callhan’s truck, but there were plenty of other trucks offering unique foods including this ice cream truck called “Betty’s Ice Box”. On a hot day, the line for the truck was appropriate and I’m sure they made plenty of business. © 2016 Angel Ortiz Jr. Photography


Aside from the food trucks, there were also a few musical performances outside which is something I’m use at large markets and festivals. I also have experience taking photos of musicians including this shot of this singer/guitarist who had a phenomenal singing voice. When shooting this, I made sure to capture a great background behind her with the trees and the brick building. © 2016 Angel Ortiz Jr. Photography


There was a vendor name Rude Girl Designs who were embracing adult humor and punk rock attitude with the use of china and tea sets. There were tea cups that had phases as “Bitch” and “Queen of Fucking Everything”. They also had hip-hop legends Tupac and Biggie Smalls on plates and I just had to take photos of them. Rude Girls Design did a fantastic job with these. Follow them on Instagram at @rudegirlsdesigns to see their designs and buy them on Etsy by searching Rude Girl Designs. © 2016 Angel Ortiz Jr. Photography

The TPRFM is one of the best flea markets I have attended as I was able to find plenty of things to my interests (Photo Below). Even though I miss another chance to purchase a table for the Halloween weekend, I still plan on going again for the holiday to take more photos and maybe next year I’ll get a table at this amazing flea market to sell my photos.


Here are some of the amazing things I was able to purchase at the TPRFM including bookmarks, PlayStation games, Hi-C Ecto-Cooler, a pentagram Kitty Cat shirt, pop culture magnets and stickers.

To learn more about the Trenton Punk Rock Flea Market, visit their website and follow them on their social media accounts.



Twitter: @TrentonPRFM

Instagram: @trentonprfm


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