Modelling Photos at ChicpeaHQ (CP5tudios)

Recently, I had wrote about my visit to the opening of ChicpeaJC team’s newest studio,  CP5tudios (CP5). I had mentioned that CP5 has a photo studio that many photographers at the event had the chance to test out.

There were many models there too who try out their moves for all the photographers present. I had the pleasure to take photos of these amazing and talented models as well as other people who volunteered to get their photo taken by me.


Lynn Hazan, the creator of the blog ChicpeaJC, hosted the opening of CP5. She gave the photographers a chance to take photos of her during the event so they could test out the photo studio. I was able to capture this photo of Lynn in on of her signature styles: taking a selfie © 2017 Angel Ortiz Jr. Photography


Sydelle Reed of Sydelle Interiors (an independent interior design business that she runs), gave her shot in the photo studio and did not failed at all. I took a few photos of her as this one came out the best. I try to just get Sydelle in the frame by herself, but accidentally had a photographer in the way on the left side of the frame. It was okay, though, since I don’t mind capturing a photographer in action. As for Sydelle herself, I was able to capture her flexing her strength and muscles while wearing the most appropriate shirt that reads “I’m not giving up and neither should you.” © 2017 Angel Ortiz Jr. Photography


Blogger Jenna Firshein, who runs the blog Growing in Jersey City, was at the opening of CP5 as she too gave the photo studio a shot. The portrait headshots I took of her were amazing and this one here became my favorite. While other photographers were taking small breaks, I had a little bit of one-on-one time with Jenna and I was able to center her perfectly in this frame, giving her just enough head room. © 2017 Angel Ortiz Jr. Photography


What’s great about events like the opening of CP5 is meeting new people and getting to network with them especially if you have something in common. That was the case when I met Laura, a photographer and an intern for ChicpeaJC. Laura and I shared our ideas as well as the photos we took during the event. At one point she even helped me practice capturing some photo studio shots by standing in the photo studio. Just like with Jenna, I was capturing mostly headshots of Laura and this one came out looking fantastic. I had Laura look at different directions in the photos I took as she was looking to her left in this shot. Just like with Jenna, I was able to frame this shot just fine while giving Laura enough headroom. © 2017 Angel Ortiz Jr. Photography


Swimsuit model Jasmin Calle was present at the opening of CP5 and it was absolutely great that she attended. It was the first time that I was able to take photos of an actual model and it was exciting. With the right set of lighting provided by the ChicpeaHQ team for the photo studio plus the flashbulb that I used for my camera, I was able to capture this stunning photo of Jasmin. The yellow background provided by CP5 made everything pop out as it matched Jasmin’s blonde hair wonderfully. With so many photographers taking her photos at the same time, I was shocked that I was able to capture this shot as I centered Jasmin perfectly, giving her enough headroom and filling up both sides of the frame with the yellow background. With Jasmin’s pose, her eyes closed and the background, this photo has a strong music video vibe to it. © 2017 Angel Ortiz Jr. Photography


Jasmin Calle wasn’t the only professional model at CP5 as model Vanessa Contreras was also at the opening of CP5. Just like with Jenna, I had a rare one-on-one short photo session with Vanessa as the other photographers were fixing up their settings. Vanessa was actually using the brick wall in CP5 as a background, which I enjoyed shooting with. Vanessa, like a professional model she is, was doing all the poses on her own for me as I kept on taking as many photos as possible of her. This one became my favorite as she posed just wonderfully with her arms placed nicely while looking beautifully into my camera. The natural lighting coming from the windows of CP5 plus the brick wall really makes this photo and of course Vanessa shine! © 2017 Angel Ortiz Jr. Photography


Aside from Jasmin and Vanessa, there were plnety of other models that attended the opening of CP5 to show off their skills. I was unfortunately unable to get the name of this model present here in this photo, but I still took plenty of photos of her especially this spectacular shot. There is something very powerful about the pose she does here and the shadows from the lighting helps that cause. © 2017 Angel Ortiz Jr. Photography


I took plenty of photos of Vanessa Contreras as she changed into many outfits, so I figure I show another one. This time Vanessa is posing with the yellow background of the photo studio. She was going along with plenty of different poses for the other photographers. With her profile looking to the right of this frame, I decided to go with a portrait shot of Vanessa as her shadow reflects nicely onto the studio’s yellow background. © 2017 Angel Ortiz Jr. Photography


I also took plenty of photos Jasmin Calle as she was changing into many different outfits just like Vanessa. She changed into a cat suit and started posing. I captured Jasmin with hands on her hips and her head looking to the distance. Just like Vanessa, Jasmin’s shadow reflected nicely onto the photo studio background. © 2017 Angel Ortiz Jr. Photography

For a long time, I was dying to take model photos again and attending the opening of CP5 was a golden opportunity and then some. It was great to connect and network with not only models like Vanessa and Jasmin but with other talents just like Sydelle, Jenna and Laura. I look forward to working with these wonderful people again for future photography projects.

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