Modelling Photos at ChicpeaHQ (CP5tudios)

Recently, I had wrote about my visit to the opening of ChicpeaJC team’s newest studio,  CP5tudios (CP5). I had mentioned that CP5 has a photo studio that many photographers at the event had the chance to test out.

There were many models there too who try out their moves for all the photographers present. I had the pleasure to take photos of these amazing and talented models as well as other people who volunteered to get their photo taken by me.


Lynn Hazan, the creator of the blog ChicpeaJC, hosted the opening of CP5. She gave the photographers a chance to take photos of her during the event so they could test out the photo studio. I was able to capture this photo of Lynn in on of her signature styles: taking a selfie © 2017 Angel Ortiz Jr. Photography


Sydelle Reed of Sydelle Interiors (an independent interior design business that she runs), gave her shot in the photo studio and did not failed at all. I took a few photos of her as this one came out the best. I try to just get Sydelle in the frame by herself, but accidentally had a photographer in the way on the left side of the frame. It was okay, though, since I don’t mind capturing a photographer in action. As for Sydelle herself, I was able to capture her flexing her strength and muscles while wearing the most appropriate shirt that reads “I’m not giving up and neither should you.” © 2017 Angel Ortiz Jr. Photography


Blogger Jenna Firshein, who runs the blog Growing in Jersey City, was at the opening of CP5 as she too gave the photo studio a shot. The portrait headshots I took of her were amazing and this one here became my favorite. While other photographers were taking small breaks, I had a little bit of one-on-one time with Jenna and I was able to center her perfectly in this frame, giving her just enough head room. © 2017 Angel Ortiz Jr. Photography


What’s great about events like the opening of CP5 is meeting new people and getting to network with them especially if you have something in common. That was the case when I met Laura, a photographer and an intern for ChicpeaJC. Laura and I shared our ideas as well as the photos we took during the event. At one point she even helped me practice capturing some photo studio shots by standing in the photo studio. Just like with Jenna, I was capturing mostly headshots of Laura and this one came out looking fantastic. I had Laura look at different directions in the photos I took as she was looking to her left in this shot. Just like with Jenna, I was able to frame this shot just fine while giving Laura enough headroom. © 2017 Angel Ortiz Jr. Photography


Swimsuit model Jasmin Calle was present at the opening of CP5 and it was absolutely great that she attended. It was the first time that I was able to take photos of an actual model and it was exciting. With the right set of lighting provided by the ChicpeaHQ team for the photo studio plus the flashbulb that I used for my camera, I was able to capture this stunning photo of Jasmin. The yellow background provided by CP5 made everything pop out as it matched Jasmin’s blonde hair wonderfully. With so many photographers taking her photos at the same time, I was shocked that I was able to capture this shot as I centered Jasmin perfectly, giving her enough headroom and filling up both sides of the frame with the yellow background. With Jasmin’s pose, her eyes closed and the background, this photo has a strong music video vibe to it. © 2017 Angel Ortiz Jr. Photography


Jasmin Calle wasn’t the only professional model at CP5 as model Vanessa Contreras was also at the opening of CP5. Just like with Jenna, I had a rare one-on-one short photo session with Vanessa as the other photographers were fixing up their settings. Vanessa was actually using the brick wall in CP5 as a background, which I enjoyed shooting with. Vanessa, like a professional model she is, was doing all the poses on her own for me as I kept on taking as many photos as possible of her. This one became my favorite as she posed just wonderfully with her arms placed nicely while looking beautifully into my camera. The natural lighting coming from the windows of CP5 plus the brick wall really makes this photo and of course Vanessa shine! © 2017 Angel Ortiz Jr. Photography


Aside from Jasmin and Vanessa, there were plnety of other models that attended the opening of CP5 to show off their skills. I was unfortunately unable to get the name of this model present here in this photo, but I still took plenty of photos of her especially this spectacular shot. There is something very powerful about the pose she does here and the shadows from the lighting helps that cause. © 2017 Angel Ortiz Jr. Photography


I took plenty of photos of Vanessa Contreras as she changed into many outfits, so I figure I show another one. This time Vanessa is posing with the yellow background of the photo studio. She was going along with plenty of different poses for the other photographers. With her profile looking to the right of this frame, I decided to go with a portrait shot of Vanessa as her shadow reflects nicely onto the studio’s yellow background. © 2017 Angel Ortiz Jr. Photography


I also took plenty of photos Jasmin Calle as she was changing into many different outfits just like Vanessa. She changed into a cat suit and started posing. I captured Jasmin with hands on her hips and her head looking to the distance. Just like Vanessa, Jasmin’s shadow reflected nicely onto the photo studio background. © 2017 Angel Ortiz Jr. Photography

For a long time, I was dying to take model photos again and attending the opening of CP5 was a golden opportunity and then some. It was great to connect and network with not only models like Vanessa and Jasmin but with other talents just like Sydelle, Jenna and Laura. I look forward to working with these wonderful people again for future photography projects.

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ChicpeaHQ (CP5tudio): Jersey City’s Newest Studio

Two and a half years ago, a Jersey City blogger by the name of Lynn Hazan started her blog, ChicpeaJC. She was covering everything that was in Jersey City, including things I didn’t knew about which was impressive considering I grew up in Jersey City. Her blog came out in May 2014 and two months later I had discovered her blog.

I remembered going up to her during the Sixth Borough Market while she was out with her family. This was also the time that I was really getting into photography, so I was out and about taking photos of the market when I saw her.

I was shy at first to approach her since she was out with her family and I didn’t want to be rude, but I ended up saying hello anyways. I had admire all the work Lynn had done up to that point and it was great telling her how much I enjoyed her blog.

Two and a half years later, Lynn and ChicpeaJC has grown tremendously as now almost everyone in the city knows about the blog. It went from one blogger with Lynn to her having her own team running ChicpeaJC daily. I also kept in touch with Lynn over the years, spotting her at some events in Jersey City including the Downtown Street Fair.

Recently, the ChicpeaJC team (ChicpeaHQ) moved into a loft and new headquarters call CP5tudio (CP5) that includes a photo studio. On February 4, 2017, Lynn and her team invited all the local artists, photographers, writers, digital influencers and other creatives to CP5 to check out the studio. I was one of the invites to check out the magnificent studio. Here’s a photography tour of CP5.


At CP5, there are a few great artworks on the walls including these two magnificent murals. In the left side of the frame is the fame rapper, Biggie Smalls, with his famous lyric “It was All a Dream”. The mural was created by SUE. On the far right side of the frame is a mural featuring a Hamsa, which is a sign of protection that provides defense against the evil eye. The mural was created by Swati Rastogi. I took several shots of these murals, but I also wanted to get both murals in the same shot without cutting off Biggie’s crown. After a few shots, this was the best result © 2017 Angel Ortiz Jr. Photography


There are some restaurants and cafes in Jersey City that really deck out their restrooms with art. CP5, though not a restaurant, took this idea and really took the art bathroom to the next level. Out of all the photos I took the bathroom, this was my favorite one. I really like the “Love is…” quote repeating down the wall while getting the other artworks in the background. “Love is…” almost takes up most of the frame, but I include the “I love NJ Jersey City” quote as well to give its time in the spotlight too. There’s so much love in one restroom alone. © 2017 Angel Ortiz Jr. Photography



As mentioned earlier, plenty of artists were invited to the opening of CP5. Plenty of people showed up and I enjoyed the lively conversations going around. That’s something I always enjoy capturing at events. So, I went with the wideshot showing off as many people as possible, exchanging conversations and information while getting the nice brick wall with #CHICPEAHQ balloons hanging on it. I also wanted to show off CP5’s photo studio setup. © 2017 Angel Ortiz Jr. Photography


As a photographer, I normally go out photography outings on my own and normally don’t see other photographers in action. That wasn’t the case at CP5 as plenty of photographers were on hand at the opening including Juan, shown here taking photos of models. Juan is a photographer and intern for ChicpeaJC as I took photos of him at work. It’s surreal, yet cool to take photos of a photographer while they’re taking photos. It was a good way to show off the CP5 photo studio set up at work. © 2017 Angel Ortiz Jr. Photography


Of course, I had to include Lynn Hazan herself in this article. She stepped into the photo studio to show off her gift: a ChicpeaHQ New Jersey license plate key-holder. She wasn’t staying there long so I took as many photos as possible along with other photographers. This one came out the best as I captured Lynn perfectly pointing at her gift and showing off her brand. It was great getting her in the center of the shot, though I wish I gave her some more head room. © 2017 Angel Ortiz Jr. Photography


As more people arrived at the CP5 studio opening event, I captured more people engaging in conversations again. In this shot, though, I wanted to show off this wall pillar in which many people drew and wrote plenty of congratulations for the ChicpeaHQ team. I decided to combine the congratulations pillar to the crowd in the same shot. This was a great away to show off more of the studio. Also, I liked the “BOO” drawing on the wall. © 2017 Angel Ortiz Jr. Photography

It was a fun day checking out ChicpeaHQ new headquarters as CP5 is will be a phenomenal place for many photographers and other creatives to test and show off their skills. CP5 doors are now open via appointment for the use of its studio. To rent out their studio, just visit the CP5 site here:

I tested out the photo studio myself with a few models that came by the CP5 opening. You can read about that in this article!

It’s great to have seen Lynn and her blog, ChicpeaJC, grow over the few years and I look forward to seeing her succeed and get bigger over the next few years!


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The Trenton Punk Rock Flea Market

The one thing that I love to do during the summer is going to flea markets, yard sales and festivals while finding bargain deals. I have been to a few places in the Mercer County area in the past year and a half living here and they have been okay. They weren’t as great as the flea markets and festivals that I was accustomed to when I was living back in Jersey City. It wasn’t until early August that I finally found a great flea market when I attended the Trenton Punk Rock Flea Market (TPRFM)

I found out about the TPRFM through Twitter when I was looking for a place to sell my photos. I found out that the flea market was around three times a year on the weekends (Saturday and Sunday) in Trenton. I was excited, but found out later that tables for the month of August were already sold out. Still, I was eager and curious to attend the August TPRFM event to see how the flea market looked like and how they operated.

When I went to the August event on a Sunday, I was not disappointed! The flea market was inside a former factory warehouse the held over 200+ vendors with food trucks outside the venue. Even though there were some vendors dedicated to Punk Rock culture, there were still a lot of vendors that catered to everyone’s interests.

As a fan of video games, comics, photography and movies I found plenty of things to buy from local and small businesses. My friend Kyle had also told me about this flea market and decided to meet him there. Kyle had been to the TPRFM a few times so he was able to show me around. While walking around inside the venue, I had my camera with me to capture the wonders of the TPRFM.


Inside the warehouse venue, the TPRFM hosted 200+ vendors inside. I took this photo to not only showcase some of the tables there, but to also capture the ARTWORKS banner and the structure of the warehouse venue © 2016 Angel Ortiz Jr. Photography


These two women wear their rainbow color squid hats to showcase their merchandise at their table. The vendors that I’ve met were absolutely friendly and helpful. © 2016 Angel Ortiz Jr. Photography


To showcase more vendor tables, the crowd and to show how large the venue was, I went with this wide shot. I always like showing people interact with each other at events like these. I also like capturing the sunlight going through the roof and into the venue. My friend Kyle is also in this shot as he is in the middle wearing the white tank top. © 2016 Angel Ortiz Jr. Photography


This vendor was selling these fantastic painted glow in the dark portraits and I took a photo of these two as my favorites. It’s Mexican sugar Skull versions of Amy Winehouse (I believe) and the Bride of Frankenstein © 2016 Angel Ortiz Jr. Photography


There were plenty of great adult humor present at some of the vendor tables at the TPRFM that embraced that punk rock attitude. This vendor table had art crafts of piranha plants from Super Mario Bros. with knitted quotes inside some frames. I don’t know why but the quote “Really Bitch?” in between two piranha is hilarious and pure art. © 2016 Angel Ortiz Jr. Photography


While taking plenty of photos inside the venue for the TPRFM, I didn’t want to forget to take exterior shots. I went outside for a quick breather to take a simple shot of the entrance. Two punk rockers were about to walk in front of my shot so I captured them perfectly in front of the TPFRM banner. I also included the Callahan’s food truck which had huge, but great tasting hot dogs. © 2016 Angel Ortiz Jr. Photography


As I mentioned before, there were plenty of food trucks outside of the venue. I only tried the Callhan’s truck, but there were plenty of other trucks offering unique foods including this ice cream truck called “Betty’s Ice Box”. On a hot day, the line for the truck was appropriate and I’m sure they made plenty of business. © 2016 Angel Ortiz Jr. Photography


Aside from the food trucks, there were also a few musical performances outside which is something I’m use at large markets and festivals. I also have experience taking photos of musicians including this shot of this singer/guitarist who had a phenomenal singing voice. When shooting this, I made sure to capture a great background behind her with the trees and the brick building. © 2016 Angel Ortiz Jr. Photography


There was a vendor name Rude Girl Designs who were embracing adult humor and punk rock attitude with the use of china and tea sets. There were tea cups that had phases as “Bitch” and “Queen of Fucking Everything”. They also had hip-hop legends Tupac and Biggie Smalls on plates and I just had to take photos of them. Rude Girls Design did a fantastic job with these. Follow them on Instagram at @rudegirlsdesigns to see their designs and buy them on Etsy by searching Rude Girl Designs. © 2016 Angel Ortiz Jr. Photography

The TPRFM is one of the best flea markets I have attended as I was able to find plenty of things to my interests (Photo Below). Even though I miss another chance to purchase a table for the Halloween weekend, I still plan on going again for the holiday to take more photos and maybe next year I’ll get a table at this amazing flea market to sell my photos.


Here are some of the amazing things I was able to purchase at the TPRFM including bookmarks, PlayStation games, Hi-C Ecto-Cooler, a pentagram Kitty Cat shirt, pop culture magnets and stickers.

To learn more about the Trenton Punk Rock Flea Market, visit their website and follow them on their social media accounts.



Twitter: @TrentonPRFM

Instagram: @trentonprfm


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Summer Time with the Trenton Thunder

I have written about the Trenton Thunder a few times over the past year, including one last month when I wrote about the games I covered in April and May. With my Thunder photography job continuing onto the summer, I had opportunities to take more stunning photos at Arm and Hammer Park! Here are some of my best photos of the double-A New York Yankees affiliate team in the months of June and July.


The Thunder have a pair of runners on first and second as they have another rally going. I shot this from the Thunder dugout and shooting with the long lens really helps get these “in the action” shots © 2016 Angel Ortiz Jr. Photography


Popular Bat Dog Derby is excited with his tongue out as he is preparing to grab a bat from the batter’s box and bring it back to the Thunder dugout. © 2016 Angel Ortiz Jr. Photography


Thunder Mascot, Cloudman, sits with the armed forces during Army Night at the ballpark. Cloudman is known for celebrating hometown heroes in which the Thunder honor people in the local community and the military for their services. This shot has been the most popular photo with the Thunder offices and I could see why since it’s a beautiful tight shot with everyone in the Army surrounding Cloudman as he is honored to be in their presence. © 2016 Angel Ortiz Jr. Photography


The Thunder’s first baseman casually blows a bubble before getting set defensively on the next pitch. All my close up shots from the first base side are taken from the Thunder dugout most of the time, but sometimes I shoot from the stands. © 2016 Angel Ortiz Jr. Photography


Here is one of the most majestic shots I have taken while working with the Thunder. When I walked into the Thunder dugout, I notice these three Thunder players standing up on the dugout as they were preparing to bat. Noticing how close they were frame wise to the clouds, I zoomed in for a tight shot to capture this classic baseball photo. © 2016 Angel Ortiz Jr. Photography


I love capturing action shots like this as a Thunder player slides safely into home plate to score a run. I shot this right behind home plate while sitting in the stands. In order to capture shots like this you have to focus on what is going on in the game especially where the runners are located on the bases. You never know when there’s going to be a hit in the gap with a speedy runner at first with a good chance of him getting to home plate. © 2016 Angel Ortiz Jr. Photography


On Fourth of July weekend, the Thunder decided to wear these amazing patriotic uniforms for this game. Since their Fourth of July game was on the road, the Thunder decided to wear these unis the day before on July 3rd. With the ballpark packed, I had a great opportunity to shoot this Thunder batter wearing the patriotic uniform with the crowd in the background. © 2016 Angel Ortiz Jr. Photography


Trenton Thunder long established mascot, Boomer, brings out his motorcycle for the occasion as he leads other motorcyclists around Arm and Hammer Park for Motorcycle Night. © 2016 Angel Ortiz Jr. Photography


With the opposing team batter connecting with the ball, the Thunder defense on the first base side move quickly into position as this shot captures them in motion. © 2016 Angel Ortiz Jr. Photography


With the Thunder playing their Fourth of July game on the road, they decided to have their Fourth of July post-game fireworks the day before on July 3rd and it was a sight to see. I had taken plenty of post-game firework shots from other games, but this was the best night to take them. I learned early on that to take the best firework shots at Arm and Hammer is actually going outside and in front of the park. It’s tricky to take firework shots, but with practice I learned a few techniques such as shooting continuous shots with the exposure compensation decrease near the max. The result was this amazing firework wide shot over the ballpark. © 2016 Angel Ortiz Jr. Photography

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A Baseball Day Trip to Citizens Bank Park

On July 17, my Mets family and I took a trip down to Philadelphia and into enemy territory to meet the New York Mets take on the Philadelphia Phillies at Citizens Bank Park. I went to Citizens Bank Park for the first time last year and it’s a very nice and small ballpark to walk around and take photos of.

I didn’t roam around the ballpark too much this time around, but I was able to get plenty of close up photos of the players (mostly Mets players) during practice right before the game started. There are also some photos during the game as well as it was a fantastic Sunday afternoon of baseball.


Walking towards the ballpark from the parking lot, I had pass by a few other Mets fans, including one who had this flag flying above their car. I zoomed in on the flag so that it matched perfectly with the Phillies ballpark just to show off an invasion. © 2016 Angel Ortiz Jr. Photography


Inside Citizens Bank Park, I was admiring some of the large clouds passing by on a very hot day. One set of clouds in particular caught my attention as it was above the top of the Phillies scoreboard. Zooming in, I framed it just right in which the “Phillies” sign was inside the photo with the clouds aligned in the middle above the lights. © 2016 Angel Ortiz Jr. Photography


New York Mets starting pitcher Noah Syndergaard stepped out of the dugout during warm-ups before the game. Using the long lens made it so much easier to take photos of the players especially since I was standing by the third base line. © 2016 Angel Ortiz Jr. Photography


Noah Syndergaard and his teammate, starter Steven Matz, hit the field together for warm-ups. As they were walking back towards the third base line after jogging, I was able to capture them together in a close frame looking tough before they ran out to the outfield again. © 2016 Angel Ortiz Jr. Photography


Noah Syndergaard is in the center of attention again as his teammates come back out from the dugout this time wearing their gameday road uniforms. Pictured in this is photo also includes Steven Matz, Travis d’Arnaud and Logan Verrett © 2016 Angel Ortiz Jr. Photography


The iconic Phillies mascot, the Phillie Phanatic, zips by the third base line on his ATV before the game. I was still surprise that I was able to get this shot off because I thought I miss timed it since the Phanatic was speeding by © 2016 Angel Ortiz Jr. Photography


Sitting from my seat behind center right field, I was able to get this shot of Mets short stop, Jose Reyes, during the game. I was very happy and ecstatic that my long range lens were able to capture the players clearly on the field. © 2016 Angel Ortiz Jr. Photography


Near where my seats were and in the area behind the bullpens, I walked to one of the concession stands and quickly captured the many Phillies and Mets fans walking pass by. I also wanted to capture the brick structure and the clock attached to it. © 2016 Angel Ortiz Jr. Photography


The New York Mets ended up winning the game, defeating the Philadelphia Phillies 5-0 behind a complete game shut out one-hitter by starter Jacob deGrom. It was deGrom’s first complete game shutout of his career. I zoomed in really quick to capture Mets players congratulating deGrom. I took a few of these congratulating photos, but I ended up using this one since it was the best one framed and I like how I captured outfielder Yoenis Cespedes high-fiving deGrom © 2016 Angel Ortiz Jr. Photography

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Photography Tour: Another Return to Jersey City

Every now and then I make a return trip to my hometown of Jersey City either to see family and friends or travel for an event. I have posted plenty of Jersey City stories on this photoblog including more recently about my trip to FJB Comics for Free Comic Book Day.  In mid-July, I came back to Jersey City for a personal matter, but soon afterward spent the entire day just walking around in my hometown (mostly by the waterfront) on a very hot summer day! I, of course, had my camera as I had planned on taking some photos of familiar and new areas. I mostly used my long range lens to take photos on this outing as it was my first time taking photos with it in Jersey City.


It was a while since I paid a visit to my favorite Jersey City landmark, the Colgate Clock. With some space available to walk in front of the clock now thanks to some renovations, I was able to get this perfect shot with my regular lens. The clouds passing by in the background were perfect as it lined up right behind the Colgate Clock. © 2016 Angel Ortiz Jr. Photography


While walking up along Coles Street near the intersection of Sixth Street, I came across this abandoned and broken down piano thrown away near an alley. It’s not everyday you see a piano thrown away near the curb with its parts out in the open. After taken several photos of the wasted instrument, I settled to showcase this soft high key version as it was the best one. © 2016 Angel Ortiz Jr. Photography


It had been nearly two years since I last took photos at the Newport marina, but luckily I made my return because there was a fleet of military helicopters that had flew by over the Hudson River. With my long range lens, I was just able to capture this military helicopter that was trailing behind. © 2016 Angel Ortiz Jr. Photography


Still walking along the Newport marina, a bicyclist pass by me as he was trying to capture a breeze on a hot, muggy summer day. He was far ahead of me, but with the long lens I was able to zoom in easily and not only capture the bicyclist on the board walk but also capture a mother with her baby in a stroller and a random guy in a white shirt. © 2016 Angel Ortiz Jr. Photography


After walking along the Newport marina, I arrived back onto Exchange Place and took some photos at J. Owen Grundy Pier. One of the photos I took was this woman who looked like she was taking a breather after spending the entire day in an Exchange Place office and reflecting on her day. © 2016 Angel Ortiz Jr. Photography


It was nearing the end of the day in Jersey City for me as I decided to just sit down and enjoy the breeze while seeing all the people passing by during rush hour as everyone was getting out of work. I shot a few photos of people getting out of work including this one. © 2016 Angel Ortiz Jr. Photography

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Short Photography Tour: The Delaware and Raritan (D & R) Canal Trail

Last summer (in 2015) I had discovered a trail known as The Delaware and Raritan (D & R) Canal Trail  while taking photos of my new town of Lawrenceville. I had only briefly walked a few feet of the trail and took a few photos before heading back home. I promised myself that summer that I would return to the trail and discover more of it.

That didn’t happen at all as I ended up side track with other photography projects. Fast forward to this summer (in 2016), I made it a goal to return to the D&R Trail as one of my many photography destinations for this summer. In late June, I made my return to the D&R Trail and discovered more things about it than I had anticipated.


The D&R Canal Trail has some very interesting graffiti art that takes me back from when I was living in Jersey City. It’s really a perfect spot to practice your graffiti skills right under the bridge since the trail can be very secluded and empty at times. © 2016 Angel Ortiz Jr. Photography


They do not call the D&R Canal a trail for nothing! This trail goes on for a long time. I walked this one part of the trail for a good 20 minutes with the same scenery. I decided to turn back but not before getting this wide shot of the greenery of the trail. I love how the canal on the left stretches just as long as the trail in the right. © 2016 Angel Ortiz Jr. Photography


Surprisingly, I saw a few fishermen on the trail trying to capture some fish. It’s a good way to release some stress with the leisure of fishing just like I was doing while walking and taking photos on the trail. I just hope the fisherman just caught and release the fisher rather than take it home and eat it because the canal water did not look clean. With this shot, I made sure the fisherman didn’t see me as I didn’t want to disturb him. I wanted to capture him at peace with the gorgeous natural background © 2016 Angel Ortiz Jr. Photography


On the other side of the trail that wasn’t an endless road of greenery, I found even more graffiti. This time, however, the graffiti art has some type of form to it as it included a lion and a cat. There’s even some graffiti spray painted on an actual rock to the left of it. It was great seeing this art work in this setting as it feels like a combination of an urban and a natural environment. © 2016 Angel Ortiz Jr. Photography


The trail kept showing me more surprises as I stumbled upon an industrial factory. You can’t get anymore New Jersey than this. I went with a wide shot to include the trail on the left and show how close this factory is to it. © 2016 Angel Ortiz Jr. Photography


I took a few more shots of the industrial factory including this black and white one. It had been a while since I took a black and white photo as I decreased the exposition compensation to make the factory look more sinister. © 2016 Angel Ortiz Jr. Photography

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